- The Brainy Bunch

“CUTTLEFISH: THE BRAINY BUNCH is one of the most fascinating wildlife documentaries you will ever see. This brilliant Australian-made show uncovers the secrets behind one of the most incredible creatures on the planet.”

The Examiner/Financial Review, 22 March 2007


Imagine an alien with three hearts and ten arms growing out of its head.
In an instant it could become invisible, or switch on electrifying light shows.

This alien actually exists. Cuttlefish are the one of the strangest creatures on our planet. Leading expert Dr. Mark Norman reveals how these shape-shifting champions can hypnotize their prey, impersonate the other sex and even turn out to be deadly.

CUTTLEFISH – The Brainy Bunch captures the spectacular pyrotechnics of these surprisingly clever creatures, and discovers just what goes on between their eyes and what they can teach us about our own brainpower.

Cuttlefish - The Brainy Bunch

Year of Production:

1 x 52 minutes

Broadcast & Production Partners:
ABC Australia, WDR Germany, ARTE & FFC Australia

Cuttlefish - The Brainy Bunch

Orange Smarty

Brighton Media Centre
15-17 Middle Street
Brighton, BN1 1AL

ph +44 (0) 1273 840 928

All footage & excerpt inquiries:
Kaufmann Productions

Cuttlefish - The Brainy Bunch

Cuttlefish - The Brainy Bunch
Cuttlefish - The Brainy Bunch

Best Professional Underwater Production
10th International Underwater Film Festival
Serbia, December 2006

Best Underwater Cinematography
Merit Award for Animal Behaviour

IWFF - International Wildlife Film Festival
USA, April 2007

Dolphin Award (Best Underwater Documentary) - Finalist
Fire Award (Best Picture Editing) - Finalist
Wildlife Asia Film Festival
Singapore, March 07

Best TV Program mid-budget - Finalist
IWFF - International Wildlife Film Festival
USA, April 05

Silver Screen Award
Nature & Wildlife Documentaries
US International Film & Video Festival
USA, June 2007

Rockie Award - Finalist
Best Popular Science & Natural History Program
BANFF World Media Festival
Canada, June 2007

Best Film Editing
Green Screen Nature Film Festival
Germany, September 2007

Best Animal Behaviour
4th CMS VATAVARAN Environment & Wildlife Film Festival
India, October 2007

Rolex Award of Highest Achievement
Professional feature length films
6th Celebrate the Sea Festival (CTS)
Philippines, September 2007

Prix de la Recherche Scientifique - Best Scientific Research
39th Festival International Du Film Maritime, D’Exploration & D’Environment
France, October 2007

Best Documentary Science, Technology & the Environment
ATOM Awards
Australia, October 2007

Gold Award Best Wildlife & Nature Film
ACS (Australian Cinematographers Society) State Awards
Australia, November 2007

Best Sound in a Documentary
ASSG Awards (Australian Screen Sound Guild)
Australia, November 07

Best Science & Nature Documentary – Finalist
Goethe Institute Science Film Festival
Thailand, November 2007

Best Cinematography in a Documentary
Best Editing in a Documentary – Finalist
Best Sound in a Documentary – Finalist
AFI Awards (Australian Film Institute)
Australia, December 2007

Grand Festival Award: Best Documentary
Gold World Medal Nature & Wildlife
New York Festivals
USA, February 2008

Best International Documentary – Finalist
4th Pacific International Documentary Film Festival – FIFO
Tahiti, February 2008

Best Documentary – Finalist
5th WAGA Brothers International Festival of Nature Films
Poland, April 2008

Best Wildlife Documentary – Finalist
18th Bird & Nature Film Festival of Abbeville
France, April 2008

Golden Award Best Documentary Research & Science
World Media Festival
Germany, May 2008

Golden Tripod Best Wildlife & Nature Film
ACS (Australian Cinematographers Society) National Awards
Australia, May 2008

PANDA Award – Finalist
Animal Behaviour
Wildscreen Film Festival
UK, October 2008

Best Nature Documentary – Finalist
Nature Film Festival of Namur
Belgium, October 2008

Best Professional Underwater Film
North Sea Film Festival
Netherlands, November 2008

Cuttlefish - The Brainy Bunch